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The Free-Format Touch Editors

In the Free-Format Editors you can use call events (not restricted to lead ends) entering call codes (B S . for Bobs, Singles, plain leads etc.) or use calling positions (eg. Wrong Home, 2(w h), or event counts (2 5 17)) or in columns, the way you write them, with the aid of lead/course heads, named blocks (incl. nested), nested repeats, special calls and exceptions.  

Beltower can accommodate virtually every type of notation.   You can explicitly call Rounds and call That's All at hand or back strokes, including snap-leads, and even change conductors.   You can edit touches you have just rung and called, including mixed and spliced, and they can be listed and printed with all changes, lead heads, events, call or course heads or coursing orders.

The Free-Format Editors enable special (touch-specific) calls and calls in columns under a Calling Positions header.   X-type (FTUVWXZ plus BSE over-rides) are for existing events and Y at any other row.   They can include multiple changes, including jump changes and x in place notation and (apart from Y) can be implemented as often as you like.  

Calling Positions

Screen Shot 1

  shows the lead heads listing for a peal of Erin Cinques imported from the complib composition library, on Event Count Basis using lead/course heads, nested named blocks, with repeated intertions and (course lengths).  
calling positions in columns
As you can see, there is a prover and there is a False Rows Report as well.   S, H, L and Q can be handled too.

Screen Shot 2

  in calling positions mode (identified by the blue text), shows one of the Composer's compositions, for a 2020 date touch and the special call Y it created at row 29.   Also illustrated is a 579 of Plain Bob Minor composed for a 2019 touch, with an X lead end call.
Touch composer

Call Events (Lead Ends)

  using named blocks

Screen Shot 3

  shows call events mode, identified by the brown text.   This illustrates Grandsire Triples, using repeats with named blocks, and the lead heads listing.   If the 97 had been listed, coming round before the lead end, the next lead/event head would have been shown in brackets eg. (1325476).   The 224 is currently active, as the others have been commented out.   Comments can be added liberally.
call events

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