Improvements for 2020-23

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Improvements since 2019 include the following:

Cooperative timing: add StatusBar flag,   enable speed change and restart CoopTim when stopped
Method Import: updated.

General: improvements for saving new libraries and exercises.

Animation: new opt HideOnInput

Raising: Start Styles improved with Immediate, After Count and 1,12,123.

Import microSIRIL: improved class names and added Jump
Challenge: added option to disable and restore Cooperative Timing/Speed on Open/Close
Help: updated link to microSIRIL download

Beltower, BelTutor, Upgrade, Install etc.   now set forms and messages within the app.   Install (eg. from CD) no longer maximises, permitting other apps to be run at the same time.

Muster for group ringing over the internet, should work with all versions of Beltower or BelTutor (no upgrade necessary) and is compatible with other simulators as well.   You only need to change a few settings.   The latest version of BelTutor can call Bobs and Singles as well.

Raising and Lowering: has been completely overhauled:
Miss & Catch is now natural/realistic, enabling the physical catch, in both Free-Strike mode and with Beltower's automated ringing, and there's an option for Add'l Pulls Before Call, to allow time for the striking to settle down.
After 3 Miss+Catch

Screen Shot 1

  shows After 3 Miss & Catch with Beltower's automated ringing and the optionally enlarged font for viewing across the ringing chamber.

When Raising with 'After-Count' Start Style, in Free-Strike mode there are options for Beltower to count you in or for the treble ringer to start the count-in by calling 'One' at the first pull or by calling 'One Two Three' him/herself.

The alternatives are Immediately and 1, 12, 123...

All Close together Start Styles, now have an option to be only half as close, avoiding or reducing the overlap when the back-strokes start and all modes have improved calls timing, speed changes, opening/closing the hand/back stroke gaps for chiming, and forced silences when appropriate.

The ring speed is now updated in the status bar, while raising and lowering, in both automated ringing (with Beltower) and Free-Strike modes.

Touch Editing:   enable P=proceed to rounds, incl. multi- and single- method formats (for extent+ QPs/peals)

Library and WAV Calls:   include Original and a few Pickled Egg method voices.

Beltower is unquestionably the most feature rich product available, offering a flexibility in touch editing, splicing, printing, place entry, striking monitoring and raising/lowering which are unsurpassed.
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    Improvements for 2020-23

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